Cocktails, Cancer & the Courage to Move Forward

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It was October, 2008 and I was at the Orlando Convention Center attending the American Association of Amusement Parks Annual Conference. Cotton candy, frozen coke, small versions of carnival rides greeted attendees at every turn in the exhibitor hall.  It was every attendee's dream conference, yet I had a cloud hanging over my head. 


I had just listened to my primary care doctor tell me {over the phone} that I had Stage 1 non-invasive ductal carcinoma.  Cancer... breast cancer to be specific. The "good kind" if there is such a thing.  Fast forward eleven years to today and I have metastasized ten times, undergone a double mastectomy and reconstruction, liver ablations, radiation on my liver and lungs, countless rounds of chemotherapy and was told that I wouldn't be here to see my daughter graduate from high school (class of 2013 I'm proud to say).  Apparently, like a cat, I have nine lives because, by all medical purposes, I shouldn't be here.


Some cancer patients ask me my secret to success - to beating the disease over and over, to having energy and finding the will to get out of bed each and every day.  My answer?  I don't have an expiration date. 

Eleven years ago I lost all sense of who I was. Today I am healthy, confident and always willing to try something new!



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